Detox Day 1: Stroll Sessions

Detox Day 1: Stroll Sessions

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Detox Day -1 … Nutritional Cleanse to prepare for Building Muscle, Burning Fat and Feeling Phenomenal.

Using and testing detox and nutritional cleanse protocols over the past 5 years, Im putting myself through another before I launch this plan for you to use.

Get the insights into HOW you should cleanse yourself, and what to AVOID that can actually make you toxic.


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  1. Michelle

    Hi Chris – really found the info interesting in todays stroll session – thank you! As a woman that is about to embark on a muscle building stage in my training I am intrigued to know where you will be getting your protein sources from and what role amino acids play in your detox/training. I do not want to increase my meat nor do I want to have protein shakes if possible so am looking for alternatives.
    I really appreciate the time you take to read and respond – thank you

    1. admin

      You would have to use vegan forms of protein, which will be much harder as you need to get a total amino acid intake at each meal, no just certain amino acids.
      Amino acids play a HUGE role in both detoxification with phase 2 pathway and in training for recovery and rebuilding.

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