Facebook Ads For Personal Trainers

Facebook Ads For Personal Trainers

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Do you get results with your clients…?

After having over 1000 trainers get back to me with their biggest frustrations, I keep hearing the same thing over and over.

And you could be thinking the same…

“I just need to get more leads in front of me and I can show them the value I can give them. And I would get more clients.”

And there is no doubt about it. Facebook ads are amazing…

But, there is a HUGE trap that many health professionals are getting caught up in. And losing money, fast!

This is why todays episode is just the start of a series where I am going to break down the steps for you to easily have a:

* Flood of new leads coming to you on auto-pilot each week.
* Trusted process in place for you to grow your following, and a –
* System for you to sign on new clients for face-to-face or online coaching.

Be sure to also watch the full coaching session I just did with a group of trainers that’s the “how to” for starting a six figure fitness business herehttp://www.chrisdufey.com/freewebinar
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The podcast episode I recorded for you covers the below;

0:39 Episode intro

1:37 What to expect in this episode

5:05 Get to know Facebook algorithm

5:51 Make your content interesting

8:23 Using social media to build your email list

8:55 Optimizing your post for engagement – understanding time differences

13:31 Custom audiences – the three pillars

15:04 Create different ads for different purpose

16:26 Targeting abandoned cart visitors

21:22 What is a look-alike audience

22:44 Facebook ads ROI – how should you measure it

27:05 Which one is more important, email list or social media following?

28:44 Got questions?

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