Discover How – For Less Than
The Cost Of An Average Local Personal Trainer – You Can
Get International Physique Coach To Personally Take YOU
Step-By-Step To
The Best Shape Of Your Life

” The body changing personalized service to transform your body lightning-quick into the shape you want – with the proven, no-nonsense approach “

Customised program designed for you. Chris
Dufey and the Fit Body Pro team are specialist
coaches for contest prep, fat loss and body

This Is For You If :

  • You want to compete as a fitness, bikini or muscle model. Figure or bodybuilding.
  • You want to transform your body
  • You want to be in the best shape of your life

Confused About How To Get In Great Shape? Watch This

Avoid the frustration of not burning of the fat you need, not getting lean, in condition and having the muscle and shape. Being weeks just out or even worse, stepping on stage and not being in the shape or condition you know you need to be is easily avoidable.
You will have the confidence knowing every step you take, every meal, every working is made to get you in the best shape, and having the guidance and support of your own ‘speciliast physique coach’ will make that happen.

Physique Pro Coaching Involves :

  • Your own individual nutritional strategy including meal plans designed around the foods you like to eat (and avoiding what you don’t like) and even cheat days to fast track your results, where you can eat what you want.
  • Your own custom designed workout programs. Walk into the gym knowing exactly what you need to do, with no wasted time.
  • If you are a bikini / fitness model / figure / muscle model or bodybuilder, or someone aspiring to be you have come to the right place as I specialize in contest preparation for the ultimate results still achieving it in a healthy metabolic friendly way.
  • You will be able to contact me as much as you need and get the personal attention and support you need to succeed.
  • If you haven’t been exercising regularly and ready to change your body, be confident and live a balanced, fun lifestyle, I can help you achieve this.
  • You have access to the Physique Pro Membership, and online access for my unique Progress Tracking

We do offer month to month online coaching with no long term commitments. However, If you commit to seeing your progress through from beginning to end, we offer a significant discount for those who prepay for online coaching.
Not everybody is an ideal candidate for online coaching, so we interview potential clients individually to determine whether or not you are a good fit for our coaching and program. The Fit Body Pro each have specilaties so we can find a perfect match for you. To setup an interview, learn more and see if it’s the right program for you, Click The Button below to reserve your Free Consultation

The fact of the matter is this: if you truly want to experience success and change your body, it’s going to require a dramatically different approach from the norm.


#1: Professional Expertise At Your Fingertips

Magazines, publications, TV shows come to me and trust me as I’ve established myself as a leading authority on fat loss and physique.You don’t have to deal with the frustration or confusion because you are given what works by joining now.

#2: I’ve Been Where You Are Now

Being 110kgs overweight, no muscle or confidence – I had to go through the trials and errors. I know what its like to feel shitty, be controlled by food, and feel like “I can just never look like that”.The truth is, you can absolutely achieve that body – the body you truly want and deserve – and in a time frame even faster than you think.

#3: Results

Talk is cheap, and I know your skeptical. That’s why its best to look at the results I produce with my clients that were also exactly where you are once. I want you to dodge the BS, and nonsense that has failed you before. Use the proven plans with the worlds-best practice that is tailor made for you to achieve your best body, and put your health in the front seat.

Enter fully supported coaching. With this program, I throw self-help out the window and instead give you the hands-on, expert help that has been proven to work for hundreds of real people all over the world. Body changing results are exactly what you can expect to achieve as my client for four fundamental reasons:

  • I tell you exactly what to do.
  • I design a program specifically for you, and only you.
  • I work with you hand-in-hand throughout your entire transformation.
  • I monitor and assist you every step of the way.


Join the 100’s of other clients that have transformed their bodies all around the world… Don’t just take my word.

REAL Individualization: Why Body Transformation Coaching is without a doubt the surest path to the fastest possible results and why other programs simply fail you

“So what exactly do I get as a Physique Pro private client?”

As a Physique Pro client, you will receive on going:

  • Initial 1-on-1 Skype Consultation ($200 Value)

Talk with my privately to cover all the detail and info needed to get the best personalized plan. Have all your questions answered and 100% confident in what’s to come.

  • Individualization Client Assessment ($99 Value)

The first thing you will receive when you join Physique Pro is the detailed client information packet. Covering your dieting and training history, metabolism, hormones and lifestyle. All to make sure I cover your unique needs.

  • Custom designed nutrition program ($200 value)

Nutrition is undeniably the most critical component of transforming your physique. Unfortunately, most programs either completely overlook the importance, or unable to be precise to how you need it. Your nutrition program will form the backbone of your monthly programming. This all-inclusive program completely automates your nutrition as it not only shows you what foods to eat, but how to eat them to best maximize progress, and have the flexible dieting approach to enjoy every step.

  • Specially designed exercise program ($200 value)

Your training and exercise program is maximized to fast-track your results. This comprehensive plan, itemizes everything you need with training variables for the body you want. Depending on your unique set-up it will include the precise resistance training program, aerobic/anaerobic conditioning/cardio program.

  • Individually Designed Supplement Program ($100 value)

Only use what’s needed for you and your results. Dodge the hype and stop wasting money on taking supplements you don’t need or that can be harming your results. The designed nutrient program is tailored to exactly what you need and to match your physiology and metabolism.

  • Monitored Progress Assessment ($50 value)

Constant communication and having a close relationship with me as your coach means I can changes and adapt your plan as needed. This speeds-up results, and ensures you get the body changes needed without lengthy plateaus. We continually work together to give you a hands-on, fully supported experience

  • Physique Pro Level Membership ($50 value)

Joining now as a Physique Pro member gives you access to the new, innovative online team and membership that allows you to save hours per week and get the insider insights that no one else gets. The private software you get access to allows the best progress tracking you cant get anywhere else.

Includes peak week plan and day-to-day phone or text messaging communication during peak week Off-Season plans available as well – Reserve Your Consultation to find out more.

We offer monthly payment plans on all packages

That’s $900 for the first month alone in value. But, Application are Open for you to Join Now at a seriously discounted price – with no start up fee* *no start up fee this month only Yes, for less than the cost of working with a local personal trainer you can gain access to elite-level one-on-one personal mentoring from the International ‘Fat Loss Pro’ Physique Coach TODAY And the cost to become a Physique Pro client? Just $97 / week – with no start up fee That’s saving you over $100 a week when you join now. 100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee

By now, you’re probably pretty excited in getting start right now. But I also understand that your skeptical. There is a lot of ‘hot-air’ in the online fitness world, and I want to make this a no-brainer for you to start now. My No-Hassles, Risk-Free 100% Guarantee is yours if you start now.

I will take all the risk to show you this is for you. To be honest, I know, and my clients know and prove that the value and results I provide far outweighs the cost of the coaching, many times over. You simply can’t get this extensive, personalized service from someone in my position anywhere else in the industry.

The fact is, I go above and beyond to take care of my clients, and why I am extremely comfortable offering every new client, including you my 100% no-hassles, risk-free guarantee. Here’s how it works: If after you receive all your first months programming and plans you feel that is it anything less than you expected or anticipated, I will promptly refund every single cent you paid. It’s that simple


Application is Open – Get started –

I want to be very clear: as my client your success is my #1 priority.

Not everyone is accepted into the program. You must be willing to follow the advice and plans, and have a great, happy attitude. I don’t allow energy vampires as my clients. Application is Open

Application is Open
Get started—Apply Today & Receive A Free 1-on-1 Consultation worth $250 Starting fee waived and… save yourself over $100 a week being on this exclusive package.

P.S. Don’t let someone else jump in and take your spot. By applying now, you ensure the best possible placement for your application. P.P.S You get the special rate and only pay in monthly lots, not bulk amounts like other coaches. Your subscriprition only continues until you want. Cancel at any time after the first 3-month minimum.

Still Have Questions ?

Q. I m a beginner or quite new to training, is this for me?
Yes, as long as you are able to train at a gym I can give you everything needed for fat loss and muscle results.

Q. I want to compete as a physique athlete, will this work for me?
Absolutely! This is the first-class service to give you everything needed to get in winning stage shape, and doing the right way.

Q. How does it work when I come onboard?
You have initial questionnaires on the next page, and then you have a Skype consultation with me covering everything in detail before you receive your first program and plan, with on-going support and guidance with me.

Q. I’ve struggled to get changes with my body before, will this still work?
You have either not followed the plan, or not followed the right plan. If your able to take on and sue the advice and guidance I have for you, you will improve and get results, whether fat loss, muscle or total transformation.

Q. I want to start now, do I have to wait?
Your questionnaire and booking for consult is on the next page, as a private client you are #1 priority and given everything ASAP.

Application is Open
Get started—Apply Today & Receive A Free 1-on-1 Consultation worth $250 Starting fee waived and… save yourself over $100 a week being on this exclusive package.