Social Media and Selling For Online Fitness with Chris Dufey

Social Media and Selling For Online Fitness with Chris Dufey

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There is no doubt about it…

Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to you being able to grow your fitness business.

BUT are you doing it all wrong…?

Do you know if you are making money from the hours you put into social media, and do you want the shortcut to what is working for trainer and coaches around the world.

Sure it would be nice to have a million + following on social media, but let me walk you through how to turn even a small following into BIG profits with this episode.

Show Notes:
0:37 Episode intro
3:56 Why social media is “a must”
5:13 The reality of social media ROI
6:46 More likes is better?
7:28 Email list vs Facebook likes – which one is better?
9:17 What platform are your potential clients using?
11:11 Know, Like, Trust
12:08 Select the right type of content
13:36 Don’t ask everyone to buy. Make an offer only to those who have shown interest
15:25 Got questions? Hit me up!


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