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Chris Dufey

"Running 2 online fitness businesses and living with my family in Bali, I want to show you how to get your dream online fitness business."
Imagine your life having the number of clients that you want, so you can have more money, with a business model that allows you to have MORE time (instead of being more busy!) to spend with your loved ones or to just do things that you love.

In this FREE 40 minutes training video, you will learn the quick,easy and simple steps successful trainers and coaches around the world are using right now to sign on new clients each week.

In this training video, you will learn:
  • The 5 Unique Steps To STOP Chasing Clients - That puts you ahead of your competition so you can have clients coming to you... even without a website.
  • Why 1-on-1 Personal Training Is "Dead" - Learn what business models you can use to build your face-to-face AND online fitness business...
  • Sign On 10 New Clients Each Week - You will have a behind-the-scenes look into how an online business is signing on 10 new clients each week.
  • The 3 Actions You Can Take To Be A Highly Paid PT (charge what you're worth) - STOP getting confused with all the different things you can be doing, and only focus your time on these few key steps that make all the difference.
  • The '5-Step Action List' - Let me give you the exact list of actions for you to take from today so that you can triple your clients in 30-days.
Discover exactly what coaches and trainers are using right now to sign on 2-10 new clients
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The online fitness world has changed, and if you don't keep up - you'll be left behind.

That’s why I'm giving you access to the coaching call I did with the group of trainers, to go
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