Need To Take Your Results To The Next Level?

If Tiger Woods has a coach to show him how to swing, if Richard Branson has advisors on building his empire… we all need coaching.
We all get stuck from time to time, and for you to avoid the mistakes, and fast-track yourself from where you are right now, to where you want to go, you just need the right plan, the right map to make it happen.

I can help in one of the following ways:

Phone / Skype Consultation – $500 /hour

This is a one-on-one phone consultation where you can ask me about fitness, health, lifestyle, mindset, productivity, business and anything else you want to cover. The way it works is you first send me your list of questions. This allows me to prepare in advance. Doing that helps you get the most out of the call. Then we set a time and date (please book at least two weeks in advance) and we do work.

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First up, tell me what you want to cover, chat about, and what problems you’re having. This way I can give you the best help and advice.

In Person, Bali – Two Day Internship – $3,900

Come to Canggu, Bali and spend two-days with me. We’ll evaluate your entire life, figure out exactly what is holding you back and how you can overcome every obstacle. From fitness to finances to mindset to relationships, we’ll improve your life and get you recharged to make some massive breakthroughs. Before you leave you’ll have a fully detailed plan to get you kicking ass in every aspect of your existence.

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lets chat first about what you want to cover, when you and I can book the best dates, and me organizing everything for you. This way you get the best impact for your business and life and get the most out of it – making it one of the greatest learning choices you’ve made.

Fitness Business Coaching – 6-Figure PT Program

Join the 6-Figure PT program to take yourself and your fitness business from nothing, or even years of being in the industry to having the platform that is going to give you not only the one you want, but the freedom and lifestyle.
I walk you through how to set your business and the ‘engine’ up to get clients by the boat-load, build full-book online personal training, gyms, studios or even create online products or sell supplements (the right way).

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Fitness Business Mastery – Join The Pro-Circle

This is the best of the best for fitness business. Only accepting successful members you have to come through the 6-Figure PT program first.
You join top coaches and trainers around the world in a master-mind along side me coaching you weekly with personal detail.
Plus you will join myself and the other Pro-Circle members here in Bali twice a year, 3-days at a time to intensives that are mind-blowing and the most powerful switch you can have for your business.

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The Pro Circle is invite only through completing and taking action with my other programs. This is only for the best of the best trainers and coaches.

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