Do you want to finally build your “dream business”…?!


Giving you the ability to have the success as you define it… Living the life with the freedom, earning the money you want and having the impact that truely satisfies you…


This is Exactly what this episode is all about, and I love that Regan and myself could delve into this together.
In this episode, you are going to be challenged… purposely we took a change in direction to push you, where you need to be pushed.


As if you really want to achieve what you keep dreaming about, its time to get out of your own way, stop making excuses and just follow the proven steps to get there.
After this episode, please get in touch and let me know; what questions you have and what action your going to immediately take

03:37 Show Start  04:24 What makes Regan so phenomenal  05:07 Getting payed for being you  06:14 Asking quality questions  06:54 How to avoid traps  09:00 How to start executing  10:02 Commercial break  12:36 Owning your own value  14:09 7-figure business mark  16:26 Income and business fears  17:56 Having new problems is a good thing.?  19:30 Work on yourself  21:55 Designing what you want to achieve  23:29 What is your message  25:09Do you have to wait until everything is perfect.?  26:43 Ways of successful people   28:02 Ask what people want  29:39 Hiding behind brands  30:53 Where to find Regan