Online Marketing and Fitness Business

//Online Marketing and Fitness Business

How To Grow A $600,000 Online Fitness Business (Starting From Scratch)

Let me introduce you to Tyler... Just over 3 months ago, Tyler booked in a call with me. And had a strong passion for health and fitness, with great ideas and was looking for answers into how to get his business started. This episode is a behind-the-scenes of a coaching session after he's completed his 90-day [...]

How A Trainer Goes From $300 to Over $20,000 Per Month

How can you add $10,000's to your monthly income in under a year...? Or, how do you go from struggling to get clients to having: * A full-book of clients and charging a premium. * Online clients signing on with ZERO marketing. * Multiple trainers working for you, signing on clients each week and growing [...]

Is Automation Killing Personal Training?

There is no doubt about it... The personal training industry has changed, and is nothing like it used to be. These changes have been so huge that I see the "traditional personal model" being killed off very quickly. One headline I saw last week was "84% of Personal Training Businesses Will Be Gone In 2 [...]

How To Sell High Priced Personal Training [$428,000 a year example]

This is ONLY for the serious personal trainers and coaches… That get results with their clients. Because if you want to: Have clients coming to you… rather than you chasing them. Charge what you’re worth… and not trying to be ‘cheap’ Want a simple process to sign on new clients that you can trust. And… [...]

The New Fitness Business Plan with AJ Rivera

Want to have the straight to the point, no more fuss insights, tactics and stratagies that you can use today to build your "ultimate fitness business"...? You've probably asked yourself "Am I Doing It Right?" When it comes to you building a fitness business that has you doing what you love, and gives you the [...]

The Coaches Ultimate Guide To Building A Successful Online Business

You and I got into the health and fitness industry - As we wanted to transform bodies and transform lives. Whether you’re a trainer, coach, or health professional.  You’re probably here because you want to start or grow an online business that; Creates a bigger impact with your passion and expertise. Gives you more freedom, [...]

How To Achieve What You Want with Pete Cohen

Do you want to simple truths to what "really matters" for you being able to achieve what you want...? Whether its; a better body, finances, relationships or more... Pete Cohen and I dive into how this can happen. This is NOT some 'woo-woo' positive thinking approach. This is a practical how to get you taking [...]

How To Build An Online Fitness Business (Behind The Scenes)

Do you want to break free from the "time-for-money" trap...? The 'old' personal training business model has you selling your most precious asset... Your time. And if you want to have more freedom and create a bigger impact, I'm sure you've though about starting an online fitness business. We just got off a coaching call [...]

7 Easy Steps To Have For High Quality Referrals In Just 14-Days

What I am about to share with you could completely turn your business around and have you signing on new clients each week. This is a big promise… I know. But, this is exactly what trainers and coaches are using within the first weeks of the 90-Day Sprint to quickly grow their online and face-to-face [...]

Avoid These 2 Big Mistakes When Launching Your Online Fitness Program

Does this sound familiar…? You spend weeks to months working hard. And putting your blood, sweat and tears into your online fitness coaching program. Pouring all your experience, knowledge and passion into it. You know that this is a ‘game changer’ and not like all those crappy online fitness products you see all over the [...]