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//Personal Trainer Business Marketing

How Personal Trainers Sell $29,500 Of Coaching In 1-Day

How does a Personal Trainer go from $200 a week to $12,500 in 5 hours..? How do you being a trainer or coach move from the “old” personal training model that has you stuck in the time for money trap - …to doing $29,500 of sales in half a day? This episode is a sneak [...]

How A Personal Trainers Earns $12,500 In 1-Day

How does a trainer go from $200 a week, to $12,500 in 5-hours..? You’re going to meet Dan which did EXACTLY this. Also, if your a trainer or coach that has limited time… And you’re wanting more clients but you really want to build a face to face and online coaching that gives you more freedom. [...]

How To Sell $3k to $12.5k Of Personal Training In ONE Day

How do coaches sell $29,500 of Personal Training in ONE DAY..? You’ll discover how as I introduce you to the trainers that have done EXACTLY this. This episode is a sneak peak into our immersion with a small group of trainers that have done exactly this. And all of this was achieved with: NO Facebook [...]

How A Personal Trainer Earns $30,000 in ONE DAY

[Personal Trainers] Do you want to earn $30,000 in ONE DAY..? This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes episode with Callum, who: * Added $30,000 in one day. * Sold another $9,000 of coaching TODAY. * Was earning $16.56 an hour at a job he hated only 6-weeks ago. * Is just 3 clients away from being [...]

How To Start Your Online Coaching Business In Just 9-Insanely Easy Steps

From the outside looking in, I was running a successful personal training business. But it was a lie! Charging up to $250 an hour. Having a team of trainers work for me. Having a full book of clients that was up to 50 hours of consultations and sessions It was the dream I had been [...]

9-Simple Steps To Start Your Online Personal Training Business

Do you want to start your online fitness business..? You're probably confused with where to start. As I get trainers and coaches from all over the world asking each week asking this very question. In this episode I'm going to walk you through the 9-Most Important Steps in your online personal training and fitness business. [...]

How A Personal Trainer Goes From $1,465 to $6,520 PER WEEK!

How does a 1:1 Face-to-Face Personal Trainer go from 15-20 sessions per week to, having a full book of clients, online coaching, trainers working for him and running retreats? Let me introduce you to Armstrong. He’s come over to Bali, and we’ve just planned out his next phase to build his fitness business and we [...]

Fady Spent Over $10,000 in 6-Months with ZERO Results

There is a REAL good chance that you're Facebook and social media feeds are flooded with "Fitness Business Coaches". And there is no doubt that there are more business coaches than you can poke a stick at. Telling you the ONE SECRET to exploding your fitness business, or the hack to "getting more leads"... That's why [...]

Tony Robbins Advice For Personal Trainers

Tony Robbins "Don't Sell Your Time For Money... It's The Worst Trade In The World". This is the exact quote that I included in my book Your First 100 Clients, and when he said it again in his interview with Lewis Howes in the School Of Greatness Show - It brings up the 8 factors [...]

The Perfect Day Formula with Craig Ballantyne

 Do you want to get more done, in less time...? Or... wake up each morning and know the exact steps that you can happily take that fast-tracks your success...? This is exactly why I bring on Craig Ballantyne, for an incredible interview. Personally, Craig has influenced me greatly over the last few years and I [...]