Ask The Pro Podcast

Ask The Pro Podcast

Life and Success By Design with Lisa Simone Richards

Just last week Lisa and I met for the first time... I was very humbled to be one of the top 20 experts to be showcased on her summit. And, in this episode we go DEEP! Huge fist-bumps to Lisa for opening up and sharing, as we really dive into: * What REALLY matters when [...]

Social Media and Selling For Online Fitness with Chris Dufey

There is no doubt about it… Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to you being able to grow your fitness business. BUT are you doing it all wrong…? Do you know if you are making money from the hours you put into social media, and do you want the shortcut to what is [...]

How A Personal Trainer Starts A $100k Business In 3-Weeks

Want to see how a Personal Trainers builds a $100k Fitness Business In Just 3-Weeks…? And, then how in just 1-more week will launch his Online Personal Training program to 30 new clients..? This is where I want to share with you Polvsens journey from him starting with me just 3-weeks ago. The truth is [...]

The 3-Steps To A Thriving Online Fitness Business

It’s finally here… The exact 3-steps that are the foundation to you growing a thriving, hugely profitable and freedom giving online fitness business. It sounds to good to be true? That’s what the numerous trainers and coaches thought until they used it and got the results for themselves. This is taking the actual coaching and [...]

How To Grow A $600,000 Online Fitness Business (Starting From Scratch)

Let me introduce you to Tyler... Just over 3 months ago, Tyler booked in a call with me. And had a strong passion for health and fitness, with great ideas and was looking for answers into how to get his business started. This episode is a behind-the-scenes of a coaching session after he's completed his 90-day [...]

How A Trainer Goes From $300 to Over $20,000 Per Month

How can you add $10,000's to your monthly income in under a year...? Or, how do you go from struggling to get clients to having: * A full-book of clients and charging a premium. * Online clients signing on with ZERO marketing. * Multiple trainers working for you, signing on clients each week and growing [...]

Is Automation Killing Personal Training?

There is no doubt about it... The personal training industry has changed, and is nothing like it used to be. These changes have been so huge that I see the "traditional personal model" being killed off very quickly. One headline I saw last week was "84% of Personal Training Businesses Will Be Gone In 2 [...]

Facebook Ads For Personal Trainers

Do you get results with your clients...? After having over 1000 trainers get back to me with their biggest frustrations, I keep hearing the same thing over and over. And you could be thinking the same... "I just need to get more leads in front of me and I can show them the value I [...]

7-Steps To Your Ultimate Fitness Business In Just 90-Days

Are you feeling “stuck” or “confused” with what you need to do? To finally have a steady of stream of clients signing on with you… Or… What you need to do to, to be recognised as the ‘go-to’ trainer so that you can stop chasing after clients and instead have them coming to you? If [...]

The New Fitness Business Plan with AJ Rivera

Want to have the straight to the point, no more fuss insights, tactics and stratagies that you can use today to build your "ultimate fitness business"...? You've probably asked yourself "Am I Doing It Right?" When it comes to you building a fitness business that has you doing what you love, and gives you the [...]