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Meet Samuli. A trainer who was once like you.

He was a personal trainer from Finland who could have leaned on literally every excuse in the book.


— Earning over $10,000 a month (with his first online coaching program).

— Sold 40 online clients in the matter of weeks.

— Started with next to zero social media following.

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Let’s be honest… We’ve heard every excuse in the book about how it’s “too hard” to successfully launch an online personal training business.

Location, lack of money, not enough time, information overwhelm, zero follower base, lack of “tech skills”- you name it.

Samuli quite legitimately had nothing going for him. What’s worse, is everyone around Samuli had told him he was living in a dream world of hopeless ambition.

So… where did it start for him?

A simple (free) strategy call.

A few short weeks later, that plan has him fully-booked with 40 online clients… and earning over $10,000 a month.

… this first launch will earn him OVER $140,000 in his first year online.
At the end of the day, we let our client’s results do the talking for us.
The “proof is in the pudding”.

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