How does a 1:1 Face-to-Face Personal Trainer go from 15-20 sessions per week to, having a full book of clients, online coaching, trainers working for him and running retreats?

Let me introduce you to Armstrong.

He’s come over to Bali, and we’ve just planned out his next phase to build his fitness business and we want to give you a behind the scenes look into how you can easily build a fitness business.

Especially if you’re feeling confused with what to do. And you’ve got plenty of great ideas, but unsure with how to actually making it all happen.

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Now, because this just happened.  I want to share with you –

The Three Proven Reasons You Can Get More Clients Insanely Easy.

Just last week I had a young trainer come to me and wanting to pay me thousands of dollars for a 12 week program.

This was the last of his money, and I don’t take that stuff lightly. he had to be bringing in money fast, otherwise everything was going to fall apart,

he would have to stop his dream and go get a 9-5 job.

So i really answered – 

What would i personally do if i was starting over and wanted to quit my job and start making 10k a month with a fitness business?

Whats the surest way I can make money?

And this is when I realised the secret is to have clients coming to you for both face to face and online.

Now this is where Kitty and Craig proved the exact answer – we were solely focussing on launching their online program – and they were getting streams of new in person clients coming through the door for them.

So I showed him how to start getting content out on social media, and how to position himself to his target market. I also showed him the super simple Facebook funnel. Which he finished and was able to reach out to his following –

Which was super small – and this proves that you don’t need big social media followings.

Now, he only needed to make 4k a month to quit his job and be running his fitness business stress free.

With the change with his business model – he was able to do a small amount of face to face, and have his online program.

But we wanted to take it one step further and have an online membership as well.

Here is how the math looks –

Face-to-Face – 10 sessions a week at $97 a session = $4,000 per month.

online coaching program – 30 clients at $300 a month = $9,000 per month.

online membership – 80 clients at $97 a month = $7,760

Thats a total of $20,760 per month.

He only needed $4k a month to quit his job.

But at $20,760…

He’s basically living his TOTAL DREAM LIFESTYLE.

He’d be able to travel the world.

Be totally financially free.

Have basically everything he’s dreamed about.

And this is all happening in just a few months.

Now, when I share this story usually I hear someone say something like…

Chris – Is that really possible?

Can you make tens of thousands with a fitness business?

…surely it has to be harder than that?

If you’re asking this, I know exactly how you feel.

Because I used to believe that I needed to do INSANELY HARD THINGS to make a lot of money.

And here is what I discovered…

The Three Proven Reasons Getting PT Clients Online and Face-to-Face Is Insanely Easy.

#1 – The Market Is NOT Competitive.

YES… there are A LOT of people in health and fitness.

Just a quick scroll through Instagram has you tearing your hair out with how many “online trainers” there are.

BUT – there are millions upon millions of people wanting to get in shape and look after their health.

I REFUSE to have a “zero sum” mentality that there are not enough clients going around.

And what millions of people are thinking about…


“How do I lose the weight?”

“How do I get in better shape?”

“How do I get healthier?”

“How do I get faster / stronger / etc..?”

So when you go in with a promise that you can get them the results they are desperately looking for…

And you can show them how easy and fast it will be with you…

You are seen as the “GO TO” trainer.

Thats why they desperately want this, when they fully understand that it will give them the body and health they are looking for.

#2 – The Health and Fitness Market Is a TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS.

People are spending A LOT of money for when it comes to weight loss. 

And if you have read 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall he proves that there is plenty of people that are wanting to pay a premium to get results.

This is why you DON’T NEED to deal with energy vampires

…or the tyre kickers

…or the price sensitive people that are just looking for a “cheap” option.

With my clients I say –

“What is the BEST way you can get results for your clients?”

And if that means you want to charge a premium to deliver that.


#3 – “Client Getting” Funnels Are Getting Easier and Easier!

Most “business coaches” and programs are ROBBING YOU BLIND with “shiny tactics” that only give you a piece of the puzzle.

Just launching a challenge…

Or, running a Facebook ad…

Or, writing some blog posts…

Is NOT going to give you a business that gives you long term security and a constant flow of money.

This is why there are two steps you need to use.

STEP 1: Launch your NEW PT Model 2.0

This is REALLY important.

The biggest problem with the ‘old personal training’ business model –

Is that you get stuck in the “time-for-money” trap.

And most coaches I work with say “I want more clients NOW!”

So we focus on getting a big injection of new clients that:

Gives you a big influx of money, and –

Takes the stress away and means you can focus on doing the work you love.

You’ll see in an upcoming episode what I learnt from Tony Robbins.

And how his advice for personal trainers affects both you and me.

“Stop selling your time for money, it’s the worst trade in the world” – Tony Robbins.

And this is exactly why in the old personal training model.

Anytime you –

Want to go on holidays…

Have a break…

Have more freedom…

Are sick and cant work…

You are LOSING MONEY because you’re not in the gym seeing clients.

And thats the problem we need to fix.

STEP 2:  Set Up Your Automated “Client Getting Funnels”

If you’ve been personal training in gyms for even a little while, you know one of the biggest stresses is –

The constant up and down of your weekly income.

It’s a stress that I used to HATE.

Some weeks we’re awesome and clients we’re coming to their sessions.

Other weeks clients would be away on holidays or too busy which meant I wasn’t getting paid.

And at the moment, its the GOLD RUSH for how easy it is to use social media and content to have clients coming to you.

YES, this is a great opportunity.  But there are some TRAPS you need to watch out for.

Even though there are MILLIONS of potential clients for this service,

You MUST NOT work with anyone.


Also, you must follow a specific system and process when you do this,

Because otherwise you will likely waste a TON OF TIME and risk failure.

This is why I prepared for you this series of training to help you

Specifically achieve this goal.

These are the shortcuts YOU NEED to

Accelerate your progress and go from where you are to your goal.

If you want the EXACT next steps for you to build your 6-Figure Fitness Business. And see if you’re

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