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So, if you’re like most personal trainers…

You know the pain of the “time-for-money” trap.

It’s why I put Tony Robbins quote in my book ‘Your First 100 Clients’.

“Don’t sell your time for money, it’s the worst trade in the world”.

You’re selling your most precious asset, that you can NEVER get back… Your time.

As personal trainers or coaches, we were sold a LIE.

You get certified, you get 1-on-1 clients and then what…

For me, I was ‘successful’ from the outside looking in.

I had a full book of clients, charging a premium and had trainers working for me.

But, I was dying on the inside.

I was ‘stuck” in the gym having to see clients from early morning to night 6-days a week.

Any time I wanted to have time off, go on holidays, was sick, spend time with my family, or wanted to travel… I lost money.

This episode we pull apart the exact method in how you move from the “Old PT Model” to the new generation coach that can have a bigger impact AND earn more money whilst living the lifestyle you want.

Sounds like BS… Or “too good to be true”.

I don’t blame you… We thought the same thing. That’s why we show you on the inside how multiple coaches are doing it all right now.

This is why I break down the numbers (and EXACTLY what we have a bunch of coaches doing) to show you how you can earn $210,000 by working anywhere in the world.

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