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Is Metabolic Flexibility the key to you burning fat and building muscle faster than you ever have before…?

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch from one fuel source to the next.  Our bodies need to be able to switch from one fuel source to another, and this state in a healthy capacity is called ‘metabolic flexibility’.

We have three main fuel sources:

* Protein

* Glycogen (stored carbohydrates)

* Fat (let’s focus on being able to accelerate body fat loss).

And this is exactly why I bring on Mike T Nelson as he gives us a great walkthrough on how to increase our metabolic flexibility.  So we can burn more body fat. And build more muscle when we want.

There is also the importance of going into the; fed and fasted state.

And how our bodies respond differently.

As you’re going to see in this interview, there are some key and basic principles that you can use today to fast track your body transformation.  And take care of important health factors.

We would love to hear from you after you listen to the interview, so be sure to comment below, as I want to get Mike back on the show.  And dive into more of what you want.


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