What are you up to now?

So, at the moment I’m mainly living in Bali.

2018 has been filled with great travel, and honestly I’ve only spent about 8-9 weeks at home in Bali. The rest has been focussed connecting, interviewing and having fun with great people mainly in LA. Plus, we spent a month in Tulum, Mexico (which I really want to go back and do again).

A big learning lesson that I’ve discovered about myself is that I am either “all in, or nothing”. And so I’ve re-engineered my work and life to live with this philosophy.

For example, our last trip to LA had me ‘working’ a lot and therefore wasn’t being able to play ‘daddy’ as much. So then we went to Tulum, where I only had 2-days a week of work (about 5 hours a day). The rest of the time was spent at the beach, playing and eating burritos.

There are 3 main projects on my plate when it comes to “work”.

Firstly, the Coaches Cartel is growing into a very supportive and results based community of trainers and coaches. I am loving where this company is growing and the impact that we are having. We are attracting in great people, and they systems and processes I’ve constantly improving are working better and better.

Secondly, we recently launched My Body Blends with our first product being our favourite chocolate greens; Superfood Blend. My co-founder Kat Ruth is one of my favourite humans on this earth. I love how we can operate as friends, yet at the same time professional we flourish.

Then there is the new show I’ve started “Breaking Success”.

This is has NO focus on ‘making money’ and is simply where I want to personally evolve.

Taki Moore recently asked me; “if money were not problem, what would you do?”

I had never thought of this before. But the answer came rolling out of my mouth… “I want to learn and share”.

So Breaking Success, is where I go and learn from the worlds best experts and people in the know on all areas of life. So that we can create the lives we love.

The last 9-12 months has had me focus on my spiritual growth, and I am loving the dance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. As I’ve certainly not mastered it, but its a journey and process I am really enjoying.

There have been great highs and wins, and devastating lows.

Which I’m happy to open up and share about. Lauren fell pregnant and it had us ecstatic and looking forward to the changes to come. However the universe had different plans. Lauren had a miscarriage around 6-8 weeks into the pregnancy.

And I can confidently say that having more of a ‘stoic’ look at life, and along with my spiritual growth and experiences. I’ve been able to take all of this as a positive.

The entire concept of “hell yeah or no” that Derek Sivers has brought to life, is something I am constantly living with.