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I would have never made 7 figures in 12 months in my online fitness biz if I hadn’t realized that training clients in the gym was never going to get me to my goals. 


If you’re serious about growing your fitness business… You’ve got avoid these 4 key mistakes that are killing PT’s income right now:


  1. Generalism…


Most coaches are not “coaches”. They’re glorified rent-a-bodies with a certification counting reps or writing programs for any John or Jane Doe with a credit card. 


Most coaches don’t have a defined niche and cannot articulate who their ideal client is. They are generalists, desperate for cash flow, seeking any type of work in exchange for money. In 2019, the age of the “Online Coach” there is more noise than ever. You MUST have a precisely defined niche, brand narrative and purpose to have any hope of building a legitimate business. 


2. No predictable, calculated method of generating high quality leads…


Most coaches operate under something called “Hope Marketing”… It goes like this: 6:00am they roll out of bed and randomly decide what to post on social media. 


Praying to the Iron gods SOMEONE will love their porcelain abs and inquire about coaching via DM or the “link in bio”… Next, they show up to the gym (saying yet another prayer), hoping someone will walk through the door with open arms, open wallet, begging for their services. The cycle continues like this on a daily basis. 


Landing a new client is a monumental event, rather than an expected outcome. They operate their business using a patched-together lead-gen strategy less effective than buying a lottery ticket on a turn-up Tuesday. It’s a daily gamble. 


If you want to build a successful coaching business, you MUST have a predictable and proven method of generating high quality leads on demand.


3. No predictable method of converting leads into high-level clients…


Even if they have leads, most coaches go into a sales conversation guns-blazing, changing their approach every time. An off-the-cuff approach laced with desperation. They MUST make this sale to buy the next tub of protein and pre-workout. 


There’s no framework, system, or in-depth understanding of what causes people to buy in the first place, leading to an embarrassing conversion rate. Plus, they have no idea how many appointments they need to hit targets and (once again) operate in the world of chance. 


If you want to have a shot at building your coaching business, you MUST have a proven, repeatable process to conduct appointments and convert leads into clients from all over the world. 


4) Operating under the “Old PT Model”…


Let’s assume they’re niched down. They’re attracting leads. They’re even converting them like a boss into personal coaching sessions. Hours for dollars. Within a few months, the infamous “ceiling” will be hit. 


Not only will they be capped in income, they’re schedule will look like something out of a horror movie. 90 hour weeks. Little sleep. Zero vacation time. These coaches are now slaves to their clients. A noble cause – but in 2019, it’s a foolish exchange. It doesn’t have to be this way. 


To truly break through to the level of income and freedom you want, you’re going to need the NEW business models our coaches are utilizing to scale and impact more people, without sacrificing quality of life. 


If you’re making any of these four mistakes – you don’t need coaching – you need clarity. 


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