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You’re a great fitness coach. But, you’re a skeptic…


You’re sick of the bold “million dollar” claims you see all over social media…


You’re sick of seeing IG “Influencers” with baby oiled abs hitting six figure MONTHS by selling PDFs and “supplements” that might as well be sawdust. 


Meanwhile you – the legitimate coach  – with legitimate skills, are stuck on the outside looking in. 


Totally get it. Really, I do. 


If you’re like most Personal Trainers…


You’re still stuck in the cycle of overwork, under-pay, capped income potential, rigid hours, and a broken business model sucking the passion out of your passion. 


Now, when I say “I get it”, it’s because I’ve spoken with over 500 coaches in the past 5 months alone. In almost EVERY conversation, I hear the same things:


  • Taking on any client with a heart beat and a credit card, even if they’re a headache waiting to happen 
  • Stuck in a monthly cycle of never really knowing how much money you’re going to make. A fluctuating income with no real security.  
  • Locked into a brutal split schedule of early mornings and long nights, chained to the 30-60 minute session model of coaching. 
  • Frustrated by the fact you cannot take time off without worrying about the cost AND money you’ll lose by not showing up to sessions. 
  • Trying every “cool new trick” in the book on social media, email, sales funnels, blogs, flyers and scouring gym floors to hunt for your next client. Booking a client is a rare celebration instead of an expected daily occurrence.  
  • Stuck in a model where you KNOW there’s a cap to how much money you can make…coupled with the fact that if you DO max out your sessions per week, you’ll be left with barely any life to live outside of the gym


See, the whole point is to give smart fitness coaches 4-bullet proof systems that grow a real, long lasting successful fitness business.


The 4-systems every *successful* fitness coach needs is:


1.The Model

How much money do you want to make? Is that profit? Revenue? Do you have a specifically mapped out plan of attack? Does the math work? Whether you want to make $100K or $1Million, the business model MUST be mapped out down to the finest detail. High level 1-on-1 online coaching, hybrid coaching, courses, online group coaching, face-to-face, bootcamps, retreats, supplements…Which are right for you? (Hint: 1-on-1 online coaching clients will only take you so far…)


2.Lead Generation

Attention is the currency of the game. If nobody knows who you are, you’re dead in the water. This is what we call the Attraction System. Nailing down a system for attracting leads into your business needs to be done using a PROVEN, repeatable, scalable model. This involves both organic and paid marketing strategies. 


3.Conversion System

Once you have a steady flow of leads – how EXACTLY are you converting them into clients? Is it a consult? A call? A sales page, webinar, or VSL? The conversion method needs to match the model of choice. Regardless of method, the conversion process must be structured, proven and repeatable. 



Knowing what your business model looks like on paper is a great start. Yet – what happens in reality after you’ve sold a client? What are the specific deliverables and management systems? How much time will it cost you per client according to the model of choice? The key is to construct a delivery system (or several) which maximizes client results and satisfaction, while taking the least possible amount of time for you to execute. This is what we call “leverage”. Again – reinventing the wheel is a fool’s errand. Get educated on what the top (legitimate) coaches in this space are using to scale their impact, income and freedom. 

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