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To become a successful Personal Trainer, we’re told…

♦ Get certified

♦ Get 1-1 clients.

♦ Charge more for your sessions


… Then what?


In 2014, I did all of this and I was “successful” from the outside looking in… But it was a lie.


I was stuck in the “time-for-money” trap and had no freedom.


That’s why I want to share with you the 5 most popular business models our clients are switching over to.


As the “Old Personal Training Model” goes like this…


30 sessions a week at $70 a session = $2,100 a week.


The “New Generation Coach Model” goes like this…


There’s actually 5 easy options you can choose from.


Hybrid Coaching:  This is how you can easily separate yourself from other 1-1 trainers, and give more value to your clients.  Being able to give your clients what they need in your face-to-face sessions, and then coaching them with online contact-points.


30 clients X $300 a month = $9,000 a month / $108,000 a year.


Advantage: It’s only taking you 30 sessions in the entire month to earn more money, compared to the 120 sessions with the ‘Old Model’.  This means you’re earning more money, with only a 1/4 of the time.


Online Coaching: This is how you can bring on high-ticket coaching clients, that most trainers prefer. As you are working with the type of clients you love to work with, and can earn more money than the old model by working anywhere in the world.


30 Online Clients X $300 a month = $9,000 a month / $108,000 a year.


Advantage: The first advantage most coaches get when moving into this model is they are no longer in a gym, and can coach their clients from anywhere in the world.


Hybrid + Online Coaching: This is the most common model current face-to-face trainers are choosing.  As you still get to see clients in person, and do the work you love, however now you’re earning over double the income with less hours than the ‘Old Model’.


30 Online Clients & 30 Face-to-Face Clients = $18,000 a month / $216,000 a year.


Advantage: The beauty about this model, and why so many of our clients have moved into this model is that they still have so much free time during the week, yet their income has exploded where financial stress is gone.


Online Membership:  Online group coaching and membership sites are a grea way to help more people and give you a strong recurring income stream.  This is where your income is not tied to how much work you put in.


500 members @ $50 a month = $25,000 a month / $300,000 a year.


Advantage:  This is truly stepping out of the “time-for-money” trap whilst not needed to have a team underneath you.  Most of our clients that choose this model are only working 10-20 hours a week on this, as then you create something once, its infinitely for all new members.


Online Coaching + Membership:  This is the model most experienced coaches choose. Not only because the earnings potential is highest, but also because it allows you to have high-end coaching as well.


30 Online Clients & 500 Membership Members = $34,000 a month / $408,000 a year.


Advantage:  You’re able to have high-ticket coaching that allows you to have personal contact with clients, but also can serve many more people with the membership that might have been the people that couldn’t afford the high-ticket coaching.  You’re earnings potential is high, and you’ve created your business around the freedom you want.


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See you on the inside,




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