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So, you’re a good personal trainer. You’ve got the skills and expertise to get your clients results. But…


You want to build the business that gives you more freedom?


You want to become a million dollar coach?


And if you’re like so many personal trainers and coaches, you’re feeling frustrated from working hard trying to build your business… But you’re not seeing the income you want?!


You’re not alone.


This is why, I share with you what is one of the first principles I share with my members.


We call it the ‘Success Curve’ and its how to understand why getting started can feel like such a grind… but also, why your ‘success’ is just around the corner.


This is how we break down your growth into 3-stages, and why each stage has a specific set of steps that you need to work on…


Once you understand this, you’ll see that there is a clear path to answer “WHAT DO I DO?” to building your dream business.


So many of my clients once I have given this to them have has the ‘AHA’ moment, that keeps them focused on track to building greater results in far less time.


This is why I want to challenge you to achieve your 3 or 5 years goals in the next 12-months.


If you’re SICK of working for less than you’re worth and want to turn things around THIS YEAR, I’m going to give you the EXACT system that’s proven to get you clients:


YES… You’ll get the exact templates to bring a flood of new leads in each week. 


YES… You have me and my team set up your Sales Funnels and Ads (That are proven to work). 


YES… You get the dead simple Sales Scripts to sign on high ticket clients (that’s sold over $3MM of clients). 


I literally GIVE you the system that is working for coaches all over the world.


NO ONE else is giving you this high level done-for-you system, with the week by week hand-holding help.


Check it out for yourself 👇👇


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How Callum Sold $39,000 Of Personal Training In 2-Days And 11X His Monthly Income
Attention: Personal Trainers I Sold $39,000 with This Call Script

So, if you follow me on instagram you might have seen Callums result…


He sold $39,000 of Personal Training in just 2-days.

And he was raving about the sales call framework.


Now, I know you’ve probably heard about these crazy page long sales scripts other sales and business coaches given… Pretty much having you read a book and faking it so it sounds realistic.


What do I think of that…?


  1. NO. NO.


Simply, Callum and the other coaches are able to sign on so many new clients because the client is signing themselves on.


And there’s no doubt that if you’ve tried to sell high-ticket coaching before, you’ve had someone say to you…


“I’m not going to be able to afford that”.




“Hmmm, that’s more expensive than I thought”.


Now, the big problem is.  Most coaches get stumped when they hear that and they don’t know how to overcome these objections.  And they lose the sale…


So, let me walk you through the 3 main objections so you can sell high-ticket coaching

Price — you haven’t shown enough value.

Delay — they are afraid of making a mistake

Decision makers — you have to walk through past agreements.


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