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Honestly, at first this scared the absolute hell out of me… 👇👇


And its why I wanted to share this with you — You the Personal Trainer, The Health Professional, The Coach…


As the scary stat is: 80% of PTs will be out of the job in 2 years time.


The game is changing again… And this time it’s a big one.


There’s an entirely new (and more effective) strategy for marketing to your customers: It’s called “You’re Everywhere” Marketing, and it’s a game changer.


This is I believe that the “proof is in the pudding”…

Just look at what the coaches are achieving by using the “You’re Everywhere” Marketing Method.


💥 Dan sold $12,500 Of Personal Training In ONE-Day.


💥 Nyree sold $9,000 of Personal Training in ONE-Day as well (they were in the same retreat).


💥 Jay recently sold $10,000 in his first week starting of with us.


💥 Callum sold $39,000 in 2-days… and that’s just 8 weeks after starting with us.


And all the other coaches that now have a steady flow of new clients coming on board.


FYI – “You’re Everywhere” Marketing gots its name because I kept hearing the same thing from leads coming in…


And when you have it simply up and running, you’ll have the same responses…


“I kept seeing your videos in my newsfeed”


“You’re emails we’re too good to resist”.


“You’re everywhere – I see you every time I’m on Facebook, Instagram and my email”.


So, let’s walk you through the 3 things that we need to quickly change.


As yesterday we had our coaching call a part of the $100K mastermind — and this is exactly what we covered…


☑️ 1 – The way you attract and sell your programs and products has to drastically change.

The traditional sales funnel is dead.

Especially for the trainers that don’t have massive followings on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.

The difference is that you have to build “context” for your potential clients to see YOU as the coach they need over everybody else.

We see each week trainers coming to us that have spent months and far too much money trying to build ‘the ultimate sales funnel’. Only for it to bring in ZERO clients.

This is why we’ve moved to the “You’re Everywhere” Marketing.

You have massive competition — You need to seperate yourself from everyone else, and that means you need to be ‘top of mind’ to your potential clients.

Otherwise you’ll be forgotten in the sea of social media and content.

This isn’t about having a ton of “tech stuff” in place…

It’s actually the opposite.

Our most effective sales system is just a 3-step engine.

First, you need to get your market to take notice of you.. And we use a framework to create ’authority content’ to have them want more of you.

Then, you engage with them over multiple platforms, which at first looks ‘too technical’. But really its an easy flow thats only taking us 10-15 minutes a day.

Finally, you have a ‘fit-or-no-fit conversation’ too see if they are good enough to join your program.

But — there’s one other factor that needs to be in place for this all to work…

☑️ 2 – Your clients don’t want a exercise program or a diet — They want change.

In the last week I’ve seen this same stat come from 2 resources I HIGHLY respect.

“45% of jobs will be home in 10 years.”

Technology is going to change the way we live VERY quickly.

Your clients have access to massive amounts of information. It is the member’s lack of motivation that results in the need for human connection.

Writing a workout, or diet plan for a client and giving it to them in a eBook or PDF or even a membership site is dying out.

Gone are the days of you selling an e-book for $7 or $39 and making millions.

People no longer want information — they need transformation, and thats where you come in.

Let’s face it… Your clients can easily Google all the information they need.

A plethora of websites gives away workouts, diets, recipes for free or a small charge.

But, lets look at the other changes technology is bringing…

Tracking calories will become easier thanks to the smart watches that will be able to automatically track the calorie content through the day.

Restaurant menus will come with virtual reality features that can give you access to useful info on the calories and nutritional content of the dishes served.

Technology will soon have us being able to take a quick blood or saliva sample to give us a read out of our individual perfect diet.

Shopping trolleys will flag unhealthy items and ensure you purchase only what your diet allows.

Smart watches featuring dieting apps will be able to send motivational messages at the times of day, when the users are usually taking a snack.

Supermarket shopping trolleys fitted with RFID tags and barcode scanners will feature a nutrition assistant applications that will calculate not only the overall number of calories, but the sugar and fat content of your purchases as well.

Something, you as a personal trainer can’t do.

Data mining will soon be able to give you a individualised workout plan thats using the information from 1000’s of touch points.

I’m writing this NOT to be all ‘Doom and Gloom’…

This is an eye-opener so you are on the leading edge, and for you to make changes now, so that you’re not left behind.

Now this goes into the third BIG change that must happen for the above two to work…

☑️ 3 – ‘You Must Get Out Of The OLD PT Model’

When i was in Sydney and Dubai I was in the gym seeing clients from 6am to 6pm.

Now, I’m here in Mexico about to train at the jungle gym and then spend the rest of the day with my family playing daddy and goofing around at the beach.

And its all from making these 3 simple changes.

So you’ve got to be honest with yourself…

Look at where you are right now.

And answer…

What does your ultimate business and ultimate life look like..?

Your business should be designed to give you the life you want.

However what we are seeing is a “fight or flight’ change come to personal trainers…

I don’t see it as the ‘strongest’ will survive… I think its as simple as the ‘smartest’ will survive.

Having the smarts to make the change now.

The good news is that its simple to make these changes – The proof is in the pudding.

💥 Aaron is earning over $50K EACH MONTH, and has just opened his first gym.

💥 Adam went from a Professional Poker player, to selling $12,000 of coaching in his first launch.

So, now lets think of your perfect client…

They are scrolling on your competitors Instagram posts.

They are watching your competitors YouTube videos.

They are seeing your competitors Facebook ads and posts.

They are reading your competitors emails.

They are being influenced 100’s of times a day… Only to have you forgotten.


You can be the one they search for.

You can be the one that they respect and look to for help.

You can be the one that is a “no-brainer” to hire as a coach.

You can stop worrying about “where is your next client coming from”…

And, finally have the lifestyle you want by doing the work you love.

So now, it’s up to you —


– Chris 🙏


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