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Tony Robbins said, “Don’t Sell Your Time For Money… It’s The Worst Trade In The World”.


This is the exact quote that I included in my book Your First 100 Clients, and when he said it again in his interview with Lewis Howes in the School Of Greatness Show…


It reminded me about the reason why I quit personal training in 2014, and started my online fitness business.


Right now in this episode I show you the 9 factors that all successful trainers, coaches and health professionals can all set up from today to be able to:


*  Be free from the “time for money” trap and impact more people.


*  Earn more money and charge what you’re worth when you have clients coming to you… not you chasing after them.


*  Living with the freedom and lifestyle you want so you can transform bodies and lives with your passion for health and fitness… 


The results of our coaches using this method are nothing short of amazing.


As the easiest next step is book in your free 1:1 Strategy Session with me and my team, so we can set up your 90-day “new clients” plan.


Here’s how to see for yourself…


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3️⃣ Schedule a call with my and my team to get a custom game-plan. 


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