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Do you want to travel the world, work anywhere, earn millions of dollars and impact people with the work you love..?

If that sounds too good to be true, then watch this episode.

This is a very special episode for me…

And that’s why I want to ask you: Do you want to travel the world AND build your business empire at the same time..?

If you answered YES, then you’re going to love this episode.

Lauren my wife, our 2 daughters and I are about to start a 6 month journey of travelling the world.

But I HATE backpacking…

At the end of last year we travelled for 3-months through USA and AUS and we loved it.

Now we already have planned: Thailand, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, USA, Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, Bali and Australia.

And my goal is to have an amazing trip AND continue to row both of my businesses.

That’s why I bring on Taki Moore who is one of my mentors and with his family have traveled A LOT in 2017 and have even more coming up this year.

Taki answers;

• How to have all the ‘tech’ stuff sorted to still run our business remotely from anywhere in the world.

• How to to travel with children and have it be an amazing (low stress) time.

• What needs to happen to keep a marriage strong whilst on the road.

• How to plan, prepare and make it happen without the hassles.

What REALLY Matter For You To Lose Weight with Bryan Walsh

This is an episode I am VERY excited to be sharing with you today…

For a few months, I’ve been obsessed with trying to soak up as much as possible of what Dr Bryan Walsh is sharing.

And, there’s a very good reason for this…

His perspective and moulding together of what “really matters” when it comes to your health is one of the best I’ve been able to learn from.

That’s why in this episode we first start diving into the importance of mitochondria, and what it really is.

You’re also going to discover how your health can (and should) come first when you’re wanting to get in great shape… And why, if you’re struggling to lose weight. There could be some ‘health factors’ that you can take action on today to speed up your results.


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Hope you enjoy the episode.