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What Are They Saying About The Book

“Your First 100 Clients” is a breath of fresh air to the fitness world.

This book clears out the confusion and gives you the real world, tactical, proven strategies from being in the trenches and creating success.

Chris Dufey, who has been labeled the leading authority for high-end coaches and consultants, reveals the exact strategies he uses to have his clients have 6 to 7 figure a year income while doing what they love. 

If you're serious about success, this book will change the game for you, regardless of what industry you're in. Most entrepreneurs struggle with inconsistent income, high stress, and don't have enough time in the day to get everything they want done.

Chris shows you the truth in how to launch and build your business in the fastest and most effective ways to maximise your income, get bigger things done in less time, and create your ideal lifestyle. 

We assure you:  This will catapult your coaching and consulting business, but more importantly give you the freedom and lifestyle you really want.   As both yourself and Chris have experienced, bring stuck in the "time-for-money trap" and stressing with inconstant income and clients, is the fast track to failure. 

We want you to stop scratching your head and being confused with your lack of results and into the game. We want you to enjoy higher levels of fulfilment, passion, and energy, and to achieve results that very few attain.”
Reviews... What Others Are Saying About Your First 100 Clients
Ryan Faehnle, Strength and Conditioning Consultant
"I could not be more blown away by Chris’s newest book, Your First 100 Clients.

This book literally holds your hand and walks you step-by-step through the process of building your own profitable online consulting business. I’ve been at this for several years now and made plenty of my own mistakes. I wish I had this book when I started! Thanks Chris for an excellent read and a goldmine of information."
Rachel Guy,
"This is the GOLD STANDARD blueprint for creating, launching and succeeding in online business - no matter what industry you are in. I have run several successful online businesses for years, read a lot, spend thousands of dollars on mentors over the years, made mistakes and learned lessons the hard way! 

If you are looking for a no B.S start up guide to save you a lot of headaches, time and money then this book is it."
Blake Worrell-Thompson,
"Its an absolute must for personal trainers looking to create their dream lifestyle with an online fitness business."
Linh Trinh, Online Trainers Summit.
"Really insightful information that all personal trainers need to know to grow their PT business"
Dr. Bob Rakwoski,
"Your First 100 Clients” Chris Dufey masterfully details easy to follow strategies to get your first 100 clients in record time! 

 I plan to implement these strategies to get 100 x 100 clients. Thanks Chris! "
Kat Loterzo, Author, Speaker & Success Coach for Women Who Want it All!
"This book is a hands down MUST read for any fitness professional looking to create serious lifestyle freedom and wealth as well as IMPACT! 

What I love about Chris is that he not only knows (and teaches like a boss) how to get SALES flowing and clients beating down the door, but he does so from a place of massive purpose and passion.

If you're serious about high-level results for your business and life READ THIS BOOK, and take immediate action today!"
What You Will Learn In This Book
How to attract clients, and have them coming to you. Rather than you chasing them.
How to create your own 'expert' platform so you are seen as the "go to" trainer or coach.
Discover how to know exactly what to sell to your perfect audience, taking all the guess work out.
Create your own fitness products and packages thats gets the best results, minimises your time and maximises profits.
STOP working so hard, and discover the few small, and powerful steps that truely matter when it comes to build your dream fitness business.
Have the "Action Plan" that gives you the step-by-step answers that takes away your overwhelm.
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Every trainer, coach and health professional needs to clear away the confusion for how to get clients, and do the work they love.

That's why I give you free access with the book into the Bonus Coaching, giving you the answers.

Walking you through with the coaching videos, guides and templates that only my private clients have ever seen before.
How to Get Your Exclusive Bonuses
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What You Get When You Order Today
You get access into the private coaching suite that walks you through step-by-step with the exclusive coaching videos, guides and templates.

Making it simple and easy for you to take action on whats proven to work to build your 'dream online business'.
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The Author...

Hi, I'm Chris Dufey...

A Health and Fat Loss Specialist and Business Mentor that gives you the confidence and “exact next steps” to achieve the body or lifestyle you want.

An international speaker, author, dad, health nut and ice-cream lover, I currently run my online businesses from my villa in Bali.

Though it would be nice if it wasn’t, the expertise and real-world ‘know how’ Chris has today is out of having to learn the transform his own body and then to successfully transforming the bodies from the everyday man and woman, to world class bikini and fitness models, actors and to Arab Sheiks.

This book is written for you if you've “tried everything” and want the clear steps to earning the money you want, whilst doing what you love.
Get Your Copy of Your First 100 Clients with The Free Bonuses Now.
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