Stop Standing In Your Own Way...

Fast-track your business success and start living the life you “really” want by us ing the No BS online and real world marketing and growth advice thats proven to work…

…but do you know this guy?

  • 110kgs,overweight and shaped like a fridge.
  • Business was scraping along (at best) and I was firmly stuck in the Time-for-Money trap.
  • Bouncing between 101 ways and still not getting the clients or income i wanted.
  • Frustrated and confused with how to build my business
  • Just wanting to start living a life free from money worries and to have freedom

Does This Sound Like You?

If your a personal trainer you will know what I’m talking about.

I was waking up in pitch black for 6am personal training sessions – never feeling like i had any real down time because of having split shifts of having to drag myself back in the gym for clients in the morning and evening.

I was worrying about how much longer can i keep grinding this for, and not having a true business to show for. This wasn’t going to how i could live with not having to worry about money, or support the family i wanted.

I was a time for money slave – any time i had off, any holiday or even when i was sick, i wasn’t making money – it was worse, i was losing money

for years i was getting no where, my income was the same, i was starting to lose my passion for health and fitness, and i was at the end of my rope even hiring business coaches that were mediocre at best.

Does any of this happen to you?

I laugh so hard my stomach hurts when people say to me…

“Your so lucky to live your life with freedom and money”

Luck… is not how it has happened.

I now live between bali and australia as i please, and get to travel the world when i want presenting courses and seeing the world.

…it was not always like this.

With countless hours of learning what works and what doesn’t – and finding the best people in the business world to tap into… I started to produce results.

It got me becoming known internationally as a leader in the fitness industry – my hourly rate shot up 600%, i have multiple trainers working for me over 2 businesses.

it has made methe owner of a national personal training business that i don’t work in- i just over see, and running 3 online businesses that give me the freedom to live anywhere in the world – i love every second i spend in my businesses and working with my clients to create these same results for their lives, and I feel free of the struggles and barriers i was living in as an average joe personal trainer

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You Wouldn't Hire A Broke Financial Advisor, Would You?

Then why keep living an unhappy life, with a mediocre (at best) business life and knowing you want more?

There is a boat load of info out there… and I know your overwhelmed with what to do and who to follow.

…then why would you keep trying to do it yourself, or taking advice from people and ‘gurus’ that don’t work.

I’m here to give you ONLY what works, and having it proven by the businesses I run – and also from the world-best proving it themselves. And I am firmly against using the foolish methods and techniques that plague people wanting business and life success.

I am truly passionate on being able to get you right now from where you are to transform your business and life to what you only dare to dream of. If you want more – then its time to make it happen.

I hope this has pepped you up and given you a kick up the arse…

…All of this here on is here to get you from ‘average joe’ to the Pro that takes action and acheives success.

  • Bring in boat loads of traffic and new clients showcasing you as the “go to” – all whilst on auto-pilot
  • Charge top dollar – and stop discounting. Work only with the ‘Rolls Royce’ clients and the people you want.
  • Build a business that doesn’t rely 100% on you – being trapped in the time-for-money trade. You should earn money each minute of the day… even whilst on holidays.
  • Become a better “you” – learn the success principles that build your success and happiness
  • Start living a life that you want — free from money worries or small-fry business struggles. Become a ‘Pro’ in the true sense of the word and deliver results for yourself.

Take Action Now

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