What am I doing now?

Updated:  22nd May, 2024. From a villa in Bali.

Right now, my focus is laser-sharp on three things…

First, after selling my last coaching company, I took a year off to consult other coaches and experts. I wanted to stack as many reps as possible, mastering the skills I needed to be one of the world's best at growing coaching businesses. It was a grind, but it paid off. The Rainmakers was born at the start of this year, out of a real need.

Coaches and experts can hire a business coach, join a group program, or even work with an agency. But let's be honest, that's often not what they really need to grow. So, we chose a different path. We partner with these coaches and experts, bringing our genius to the table—running the marketing, sales, and acquisition systems to flood them with leads and sales. We're making it rain.

I'm sharing a lot of what we do on my YouTube channel. It's been a great way to show the behind-the-scenes action, what works, and what doesn't.

Second, I've been doing some deep introspection, asking myself, "What chapter of life am I in right now?" The answer? I'm in the dad and husband chapter. My daughters are aged between 2-10, and I want to be there, truly present, enjoying every moment with them and my wife.

We've been married for over 12 years, and in focusing on being the best man and husband I can be, our relationship has never been better. It's astounding how incredible our marriage is now.

Lastly, I'm noticing I'm not 21 anymore. At 37, I have to warm up before training, and I've got this thing about longevity and daily performance. I want to love what I see in the mirror without feeling like it's a Herculean effort. So, I'm focusing on my health and fitness to look and feel great every day, and dare I say, making it feel totally easy.