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Hi, I’m Chris Dufey. Author, Speaker, Dad, Health Nut, Ice-Cream Lover and Founder of coachescartel.com and mybodyblends.com

They told me I had a BIG problem… See, I have a passion for health and fitness. Being a super overweight kid, I had to get myself in shape so I could stop being depressed and wanting to shy away from making friends. Once I transformed my own body, I wanted to do it for others. The changes with long lasting weight loss and beyond skin deep, they help you become the best version of yourself. And my obsession with helping people transform has be burning for over 12 years now.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching mums, dads, CEO’s, politicians, fitness models, actors and even Arab Sheiks.

But… Being a personal trainer since 18, I made all the mistakes.

The BIG problem was being stuck in the “time for money” trap. As anyone selling their most precious asset, which is your time. Knows that anytime you want to have time off, travel or live around the world… You can’t. After building businesses in Sydney and Dubai. Even being recognised as a “Leading Young Entrepreneur” in Dubai. I finally followed my heart and learnt from the worlds best to be now sitting in my villa here in Bali writing this for you. I don’t believe in “work-life balance”.

It’s just life! So currently I’m enjoying being a father to two beautiful daughters, soaking in each moment possible with my wife Lauren. And wanting to help people as I pass the time.

Welcome into my world… If any of this vibes with you, then I hope you reach out and connect with me.

Looking forward to chatting soon.

Chris Dufey

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