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Living Life Through Love and Creation w/ Ruben Rojas #031

Are you doing the work you love..?

Seriously, if you get honest with yourself, are you happy with what you’re doing with your life?

I struggled with answering this question for so long, and its one reason why I am so grateful to be sharing with you this conversation with @rubenrojas

Ruben is a creator that inspires me… And it’s why I invite you to stick with me to the end of this episode.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

Why it’s so important to define your own success (and how to do it). How Ruben went from earning great money in real estate, to being an incredible artist and creator today. The honest truth to what it takes to create the life you love. And so much more…

Let me know what you think of this chat, as I think you’ll love it.


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