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Why I Did NOT Ejaculate For Over 3-Months (Is Semen Retention Helpful or BS?) #030

I was really worried about shooting this video for you today… So if you’re actually seeing it, it means I stuck to my word.

Semen Retention — Ever heard of it?

With a headline of, Why I Did NOT Ejaculate For Over 3-Months… You may be thinking this topic might seem a little odd for me to come out with.

This topic might seem a little odd for me to come out with. Now its my promise with this episode that I made to myself, and Im making to you right now — that this is my experience with it thus far. And Im going to be completely open.

In this episode I also bring on two very important men that openly talk to their own experiences in this, and which have been a huge help for myself.

Suspend your disbelief for just a minute, and dive into this episode. As I would love to hear what you think…


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