Ask The Pro Podcast

Ask The Pro Podcast

The TRUTH To Personal Trainer Websites

Do you need a website when starting your Online Personal Training..? The answer is going to rattle some cages. And it's why I bring on Ed Dale to walk you through what really matters. When it comes you you starting your online business as a coach - it can be really easy to [...]

From Bar Man to Bali

The last 3 years have been nothing short of AMAZING... I'm writing this for you sitting on a balcony overlooking Echo Beach here in Canggu after flying back last night from a few weeks in Australia. But let's be honest. It's NOT being sunshine and rainbows over the last few years to be sitting here [...]

ReBoot Your Business with Matt and Dave

Do you want to EXPLODE your online business..? If you answered Yes - Then it's critical to know how to go through your "transition". What the steps that you can easily follow to go from where you are right now to running, owning and loving your online business. Don't be fooled with the schmuksters that [...]

Personal Branding For Personal Trainers

Do people see you and your business the way you want them to..? AND, are you able to separate yourself from all of your competition..? In the health and fitness world it can feel like every man and his dog is wanting to be a trainer or an online coach. So it's critical that you [...]

5 Factors to your Online Fitness Business Part 1 with Chris Dufey

Are you feeling “stuck” or “confused” with what you need to do to sign on more personal training clients? Or… What you need to do to, to be recognized as the ‘go-to’ trainer so that you can stop chasing after clients and instead have them coming to you? If this is you, then I invite [...]

Achieving The Impossible with Joel Runyon

Do you want to achieve more in your life..? It could be to; shape the body you want, or get leaner, or earn more money, or have better relationships, or to run a marathon... What ever it is that you do want to achieve, and you haven't done it yet. Have you asked yourself: Why? [...]

How To Seperate Yourself From Your Competitors with Laura Hanly

It's one of the most common questions I hear from trainers and coaches... "Isn't the health and fitness world saturated?" And the truth is - YES.  It is. But I'm a firm believer that is it not competitive. And this is because you are still very simply able to build raving fans and grow your [...]

9-Simple Steps To Start Your Online Personal Training Business

Do you want to start your online fitness business..? You're probably confused with where to start. As I get trainers and coaches from all over the world asking each week asking this very question. In this episode I'm going to walk you through the 9-Most Important Steps in your online personal training and fitness business. [...]

Part 4: 6-Figure Fitness Business Series

One of the best questions trainers and coaches ask is… “How do I go from where I am now, to earning over $100,000 a year and not stressing about how to get more clients?” Whether you’re a trainer, coach, or health professional. You’re probably here because you want to start or grow a fitness business [...]

How To Launch Your High Ticket Coaching with AJ Mihrzad

Are you confused with "How do I start and grow my online business?" It's not your fault... You're being drowned with 101 different tactics to grow your business, but no-body is showing you the simple set of steps for you to follow. And its exactly why I bring on AJ, as he uncovers the real [...]